Australia – a wedding destination of contrasts

Yearning for a secluded spot to have your wedding? Australia may be the size of The States but its population is less than that of California, so you will be guaranteed a day just to yourselves (and your guests) if you choose Australia as your marry abroad destination. Here’s a run through of the unusual and individual places to get married:

Ayres Rock

A sunset wedding against the backdrop of one of Australia’s most famous and oldest landmarks has to be one of the most romantic ways to get married. Just be prepared for an uninvited guest or two in the form of a friendly wallaby or kangaroo keen to know what’s going on in their back garden.

The Blue Mountains

Mystery and majesty await you if you decide to get married here. Marvel at the blue hazed beauty of over 10,000 square kilometres of forests, waterfalls, canyons and cliffs. If you want to marry close to nature, this is about as close as it gets!

Sydney Opera House

What could be a more ‘best of both worlds’ wedding venue than the Sydney Opera House by boat? You get the great location, minus the crowds of Australia’s most cosmopolitan city. Meander along the Hawkesbury River taking in the city’s sights whilst celebrating with friends and family.

Great Barrier Reef

If you really want the ‘WOW’ factor, go for something completely different and get married at the Great Barrier Reef. Release the adventurer in you as you exchange vows either along the white sandy beaches, in the rainforest amidst exotic birds and waterfalls, aboard a charter boat or on your own private island.

So I hear you ask – how do I marry there?

Well it’s pretty simple really, here’s what you need to know and do before you depart:


You and your other half must be aged 18 or over and be legally free to marry (single, divorced or widowed).

To prove this you will need to take your original birth certificates (and divorce or death certificates if applicable) as well as some form of photo ID. For British Citizens that’s your passport, which you should already have about your person!

You need to lodge the Notice of Intent to Marry with your civil marriage celebrant at least one month before the date of your wedding. If you are not planning on being in Australia that far in advance of your wedding, there are designated Consular and Embassy officials here in the UK who can witness the document for you, or you can ask a solicitor to do this for you.

You do not need to be an Australian citizen to get married there, nor is there a residency requirement prior to your wedding.

A word of warning

Getting married in Australia does not give you the right to permanently live there. You will still need to apply for a permanent visa and be assessed against the legal criteria for a residential visa to be granted.

Don’t forget to get in touch with TLC UK who can sort out all of your paperwork required for getting married abroad.

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