Getting Married in France

Well, I have to say it; for me, getting married in France has to be one of the most romantic decisions regarding places where to get married abroad. It’s up there with Italy in my wedding book!

When I think of France, I think of romance, elegance, fashion, châteaux, skiing and most importantly, grapes!

There are so many places to choose in France. Probably the most popular choice to get married in is Paris, The City of Love. You could consider getting married in The Loire valley, getting married in The French Alps or St Tropez. The list is endless and every wedding destination in France has something different to offer.

Getting married in Paris will take you to the North of France, to one of the most romantic places you will find. You could get married with the Eiffel Tower in the background, which will give an enchanting feeling to your wedding day abroad.

You will find many venues where you can say “I do”, such as famous monuments, parks and cathedrals with amazingly detailed buildings. Paris can take you on a journey from old to new.

Getting married in the Loire Valley will take you to the flowing green hills and lush climate. In my opinion this is the ultimate romantic wedding; the only difficult choice you will have is whether to get married in a small quant church or a beautiful château with a great medieval feel to it. Either way, the Loire Valley is bursting with elegance and romance.

Getting married in the French Alps will take you to a completely different place. However, when I think of a wedding destination in the French Alps I think of a winter wedding, snow on the ground with roaring fires at the reception. To be honest, anywhere in France makes you believe in romance and love. If it’s snow, winter wedding dresses and surrounding lakes, The Alps is the place for your perfect wedding day.

It took you ages to choose France as your wedding destination abroad, and then you had to decide where in France you wanted to say “I do.” Unfortunately, there are more decisions to make. Are you going to do it alone and organise the whole wedding by yourself? Are you going to look at wedding packages in France? Or are you going to organise a French wedding planner to take care of all the details?

When choosing your wedding destination, first look at the legal documentation you are required to have.

If you don’t have the important paperwork then the wedding will not be going ahead. What was going to be your perfect wedding abroad will end up being just an expensive holiday with the mother in law!

The Legal Documents and Requirements are the most important part of marrying abroad! If you want to concentrate on the exciting plans of the wedding without any stress then get help with legalisation for your overseas wedding.

If you want to say “I DO”, then make sure you can say “I DID”!

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Written by Amanda Stephens