Marrying abroad? Ever thought of a winter wonderland wedding destination?

The first image that pops into most people’s heads when thinking of marrying abroad is that of white sandy beaches, palm trees swaying gently in the wind and a cooling cocktail or two…

Winter weddings on the other hand don’t tend to get much coverage so I’d like to champion the cause for a paragraph or two.

A winter wedding abroad is a winning combination!

Winter wonderland destinations such as Lake Geneva in Switzerland or Lapland (perfect for those couples crazy about Christmas) have a lot going for them. Think of snow topped mountains glistening in the sunshine, tranquil, unspoilt settings, log cabins and dare I say it, hot tubs!

On a practical level they are short haul destinations so that means no jet lag, minimal creases in your wedding outfits and cheaper flights for your friends and family. Secondly, you don’t need to worry about forgetting the sun cream, getting injections or irritating insect bites which may drive you to distraction on your big day.

The best of both worlds

Whether you’re looking for an action packed honeymoon or a somewhat more relaxing break Switzerland and Lapland have it covered. Adrenalin junkies are well catered for with skiing, snowboarding and husky racing whilst those seeking rest and relaxation will no doubt appreciate the thermal spas and the never ending supplies of mulled wine.

So if you’re thinking about marrying abroad take a moment to consider these lesser talked about winter wedding destinations and explore what they have to offer, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Legal requirements – look who is here to help

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If you want to say, “I DO”, then make sure you can say, “I DID”!

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