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Save money – get married abroad!

Response to a fantastic article (below) which gives us a realistic idea of what an overseas wedding can be...

I have read quite a bit about this popular trend of getting married abroad and, as an expert in the business (yes, this is a business too), I have always thought things were missing, important things.

Yes, getting married abroad is a great option for those brave couples that dare not to invite those “friends of family friends” that, according to your mum, HAVE TO be in your wedding. It is romantic and much, much cheaper than getting married in the UK (or wherever you are from – or the bride’s mum).

However, I have noticed that many people get so excited about their dream wedding abroad that they tend to forget about the legal stuff or leave it for the last minute. As this article has mentioned, legal requirements are different between countries, regions, and even venues! And what looks like a simple translation of your birth certificate turns out not to be just that.

With this, I don’t only mean that your overseas wedding will be more expensive when you add the fees for your legal documents to your package (it will still be cheaper to get married abroad than in the UK!), but also I want you to avoid any sour surprises.

My personal advice is look at the legal side at the same time you decide on the country and venue where you would like to tie the knot and, once you have chosen your wedding package and are aware of what you personally require, don’t leave the paperwork for the last minute!

Written by Eva Túnez

Original article

With the cost of getting married in the UK increasing, wedding planner Kerry Jackson-Rider shares her top tips on destination weddings.

With the recently announced 40% rise in fees for Church of England weddings from January 2013, many couples must be wondering if there is a cheaper option. This is the basic cost of getting married in church and covers the reading of the banns and a certificate. Extras, many of which most couples will want, including the verger, heating, the choir, organ, bells and flowers will bring the cost up to £1000 plus. Civil wedding costs can be even higher!

Given that the average cost of a wedding in the UK is currently £21,500 and a lavish wedding costs in the region of £100,000, it’s not a venture to be entered into financially lightly.

This is why more and more couples – 26% last year alone – are choosing a destination wedding. You can have an amazing time abroad for this amount of money and I will tell you why… choice and affordability!

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